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Perfect General Purpose Spike - 8-10-10 with Mn and Fe - For all Trees and Shrubs

Perfect Spike

How the 8-10-10 “Perfect” Spike Works

The Lutz “Perfect” Fertilizer Spikes were formulated to solve the deficiency problems that most often prevent good healthy green-up and sound growth. Each “Perfect” tree fertilizer Spike contains 4.8% combined Sulfur (S), 3.3% Iron Sulfate (Fe) and 3.2% Manganese Sulfate (Mn). This compares with 0% of these critical elements in most other tree & shrub fertilizer spikes.

Lutz 'Perfect' Fertilizer Spikes are an excellent replacement for any fruit tree fertilizer, lemon tree fertilizer, orange tree fertilizer, or evergreen fertilizer spikes you might have tried in the past.  They are superior to other Tree Spikes and Fertilizer Spikes in that they contain the all-important micronutrients.


As Dr. Henry Donselman says, “Trees and shrubs require sulfur, iron sulfate and manganese sulfate for good healthy growth. N-P-K only fertilizer spikes without these minors do not fill the nutritional needs of trees and shrubs.”

  • Elemental sulfur in the “Perfect” Tree Spike lowers the pH in the feeding area, creating an environment that assists the plants uptake of the manganese and iron.
  • Special binders in the Lutz 'Perfect' fertilizer spikes safely release the elements over time. It takes up to 12 months for the “Perfect” fertilizer spikes to completely dissolve.
  • Lutz “Perfect” Tree Spikes work underground at the feeder roots to release the elements where the trees and shrubs get their nourishment. They can’t wash away like surface applications.
  • Lutz “Perfect” Fertilizer Spikes help overcome the deficiencies of N-P-K only fertilizer spikes.

We expect you will be more than pleased with the results you get from the Lutz “Perfect” Tree Spikes.

Suggested Coverage & Placement of The “Perfect” Spike

Place Spikes into moist soil, equally spaced around the dripline. Use 1 Spike per inch of trunk diameter (width).

For best results, place Spikes at least 3 feet apart at dripline, and never closer than 2 feet (24 inches) from trunk.

Hammer spikes to ground level using the plastic pounding caps. Remove cap and pound in at least two more inches.

In heavier soils, a cordless drill with a 1" auger bit is another popular method of easily creating holes for Lutz Spikes.

While all Lutz spikes are made to feed for up to twelve months, spring and fall feedings will give the maximum results.

Spike Specifications

The Perfect Spike #30197
Total Nitrogen (N) 8%
8% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P205) 10%
Soluble Potash (K²O) 10%
Combined Sulfur (S) 4.8%
Iron (Fe) 3.3%
Manganese (Mn) 3.2%
Derived From: Ammonium Sulfate, Monoammonium Phosphate, Potassium Sulfate,
Iron Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate and Elemental Sulfur (140 grams)
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